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RP Moment: Dance Show: Week 1

(OCC: I thought that every week that Lu is on the dance show, I'd post a video of his dance and set up an RP moment for Val. This week Val is watching the show in the squad room while doing paperwork in the squad room while doing paperwork. If your character has any reason to be in the SVU squad room around eight on a Wednesday feel free to have them stop by. Mocking is allowed.)

Val is sitting at her desk working on some paperwork with America's Favorite Dancer on in the background. She turns up the volume when Lu's intro starts followed by one for his partner Genevieve (why on earth did his partner have to be a 21 year old French ballroom dancer?) and then two them practicing their dance. She smiled and start turning red when he said the chemistry was difficult because he was in love with someone else. And then the dance started, a Broadway number to a song from West Side Story.

Jul. 16th, 2010

I can finally talk about it! Lu is going to be on America's Favorite Dancer! It's so exciting!
Lu and I have been dating for almost four months and I have to say it's been unlike any other relationship I've been in and I'm really hoping that's a good thing. It's just interesting dating someone whose profession is so different than mine, but it's also quite refreshing. It also feels like we've been dating longer, very comfortable.

One thing that I'm still trying to wrap my head around is that Lu is pretty much considered too old to dance professionally because he's 30 (while some of my coworkers are older than my parents). He's actually just been teaching for a few years, but has decided to try again by auditioning for a dance show. Last week he made it to the second round that will take place in Atlantic City in April. He only told me about it last week because he doesn't think he'll get very far because most of the other contestants are in their 20's. Which I understand, I guess. If he makes the show it'll be a big change and we haven't been dating very long.
(OOC: Val is a very organized, but I'm not, so let's pretend everyone got their stuff last week on their desks.)

Don Cragen: A Christmas card and a mug filled with candy.

John Munch: A Hanukkah card and a mug filled with candy.

Olivia Benson: A Christmas card and a mug filled with candy.

Fin: A Christmas card and a mug filled with candy.

Brian Peluso: A Christmas card and a mug filled with candy.

The Logans: A Christmas card and a mug filled with candy.
I took my first swing class last night and it was a lot of fun. A really nice way to unwind and just let loose. And my partner is a cute ballet teacher named Lu.

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Is this just me or should a guy take some responsibility for a relationship? Like take me out to dinner or a movie without me suggesting it or giving me a call once in awhile. Is this too much to ask?
I've never been so happy to see Cragen.
The nice thing about coming to terms with my cooking ability is that I can watch cooking shows without feeling like a failure.